Michigan Wounded and Returning Warrior Program

The MWRWP has three components to assist Veterans.

  1. Provides temporary financial assistance for an emergent need to Veterans, active-duty military, reserve, and National Guard service members who are residents of Michigan.  For Veterans war-time service is not required.*
  2. Michigan Veterans or Service Members (Especially Michigan National Guard) with mental health needs provided by the VA, retreats, a family retreat after returning from deployments.
  3. Provide grants to mental health professionals providing workshops that target Veterans and military service members.

*Many programs offering assistance require the Veteran to have served during a war-time era, our program is designed to support Veterans regardless of when they served.

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Michigan Wounded and Returning Warrior Program

100 percent of the funds support Michigan National Guard, Service members, Veterans and their families.  Checks are made straight to the vendors on behalf of the member in need.

To support this program indicate "Michigan Returning and Wounded Warrior Program" in the memo line.

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